EMC Klubben: EMC simulation – Hørsholm

EMC Klubben: EMC simulation - Hørsholm

This invitation will be in English to indicate the EMC Klubben presentations will also be delivered in English. This choice of language is mainly to facilitate a thorough and polite involvement of one of the main contributors of the presentations. This will be the case both in Aarhus and Hørsholm. We certainly don’t hope this will discourage you in participating.

Please observe, the deadline for booking is Thursday 2 March 2017.

EMC simulation might be something spanning from “you’re using it” to “just heard about it”. By setting up the program of the day, we have tried to cover the entire span.
During the day, some of the presented topics are:

  • What is EMC simulation? Possibilities and limitations.
  • Hopefully there are many situations, where you have a good idea of what is expected concerning MC. By using simulation, examples will show you can “dig” somehow deeper and gain more exact results and disclose important details.
  • An often overlooked feature of EMC simulation is the visualization of EMC phenomena. We can’t see the electromagnetic (EM) field, but the feature of visual presentation of field directions, field distribution and filed strength help a lot in realizing e.g. the paths of EM field coupling.
  • How good predictions do simulation provide? Simulations combined with actual measurements.
  • EMC-simulation as an assesment of problems relating to Signal Integrity (SI) and Power Integrity (PI).
  • Examples of EMC simulation covering simple circuits to modules as complex as e.g. a complete DC/DC converter.
  • What are the investments, both price wise upfront, but also investments in training efforts and continued updating?

We’ve been so fortune that two very experienced personalities will share some of their insight with us during the day:

  • EMC and antenna specialist Morten Sørensen from Bang & Olufsen A/S has worked intensively with EMC simulation for more than a decade, and during the day he will share some of the experiences he has gained over the years.
  • Principal engineer Marco Kunze from Computer Simulation Technology / DASSAULT SYSTEMS (CST) will demonstrate the comprehensive amount of possibilities a modern simulation program possesses.

As stated above, the presentation language of the entire day will be English, but hopefully this will not prevent you from gaining a lot of knowledge of the present-day possibilities of EMC simulation.

* It is free for members of the EMC Club to participate with up to 2 persons.


Time  Contents
09:00-09:20 Coffee with bread
09.20-09:25 Welcome and introduction (Knud A. Baltsen, DELTA)
09:25-09:45 News from the world of standardization
Knud A. Baltsen, DELTA
09:45-09:50 Questions and discussion
09:50-10:40 How to use 3D EM simulation in an industrial context
Morten Sørensen, Olufsen & Olufsen A/S
10:40-10:50 Questions and discussion
10:50-11:05 Coffee break, networking
11:05-11:55 Basic 3D simulations – A 3DEXPERIENCE®
Marco Kunze, CST
11:55-12:05 Questions and discussion
12:05-12:50 Lunch, networking
12:50-13:50 EMC simulation at Bang & Olufsen A/S
Morten Sørensen, Bang & Olufsen A/S
13:50-14:00 Questions and discussion
14:00-14:20 Coffee break, networking
14:20-15:20 Virtual EMC analysis of a DC/DC converter: Combined 3D electromagnetic/circuit simulations
Marco Kunze, CST
15:20-15:40 Questions, discussion and closing of the meeting
Knud A. Baltsen, DELTA
1 day
7. marts 2017

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